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Sometimes it is impossible to remember

that we live on an improbable accidental planet

that might not have come into existence

without the perfect balance

of gravity and heat and cold and atmosphere and water

at the perfect distance from our star.



Spinning on its axis and orbiting around the sun

 with the moon and our sister and brother planets,

and traveling with our Milky Way Galaxy

through space as our Universe still expands -

our little spaceship Earth is in perfect harmony

with the forces that made it all possible to begin with.


And here we are, the "children of flowers" on an evolutionary journey

65 million years in the making and still going strong.


So relax,

Earth is on auto pilot and won't fall from the sky anytime soon!


This is our time to revel in being alive in a world of wonder!

We do live in a beautiful world!








Photo: NASA, Earth Rise one of the first photographs of Earth from space.

Children of Flowers, borrowed from Maria Papova and her Marginalian.



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