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When memories pop up that remind you of your mistakes, missteps and lost opportunities -

do they come to make you feel bad all over again?

Or are they coming to maybe help you?

Help you to find forgiveness and compassion for your self?

To finally move off - move on - to the happiness you found in life -

the happy memories?


Sure it's all intermingled but remember the kindness, the love and the friendships,

the comraderie and the joys you found in nature - in being alive,

in reading a good book and sharing a good meal,

the good work that you did.

Tree of Life tapestry 1

In the BIG tapestry of your life

the missteps  would shrink beside all the good all the joy and happiness -

all the little things that made your life whole.


Funny that they come, those haunting memories,

but next time flood them with the joys and maybe they will cease and desist



Maybe after forgiveness and compassion there is acceptance.

"Yeah, I did that , but I also did this and this and this...

I'm okay!"


You're okay!

I'm okay.





©2021 Laine Quinn

Tapestry, "Tree of Life", Astoria Grand at Wayfair.


A note to my email subscribers, the email address is no longer active, an I have corrected it so that you can reply to my blog in your email and I will get it in my google account.

Thanks for all!


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