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It's Time...


Imagine a world where the inspired leaders of our young nation

had been inspired enough to include women in those first drafts of the

Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America.


Would there have been the wholesale murder of the indigenous people who helped us settle this wild land??

Would there have been slavery?  Civil War?

Industries that destroy our air and water and health?

Factory farms? Economic disparities?

The Atomic bomb?

A military set on destruction and aggression and not peace?


Perhaps and perhaps not.


240 odd years later it is incumbent upon us, the heirs of an imperfect plan,

to right this ship and set it on a course of cooperation and partnership

with each other and our beautiful ailing earth.


The old way is crumbling and fighting to the bitter end to deny equality and justice for all.


Representative Government must represent the voices of a livable future -

a livable present.

Be vigilant in demanding true representation of your true values.


As the young poet, Amanda Gorman, said in her beautiful poem on inauguration day,

America is...


...a nation that isn't broken,

but simply unfinished...


Women are now included and people of color are now included,

immigrants are now included.


It's Time!





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