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Make Good Trouble...

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You Don't Have to Choose Between Happiness and Being Informed


We are living in an amazingly beautiful world and when you focus on that more than on the bad news of the day,

you begin to see that as confused and crazy as our civilization is

the world is crazy beautiful!


Her beauty is so much vaster and more ancient than all the conceptual dis-information that has been heaped upon the human experience.

You start to find joy in real things. 

The thundering majesty of nature.

That spark of authenticity in people's eyes. The crackle of magic at the water's edge.

Something as simple as a Morning Glory catching the light just right can renew your faith in the universe.

And you learn to live from there.


You settle into an understanding that while the suffering and abuses of our world are very real and of immense consequence,

the fact that there is anything at all is immensely more significant than any of our tiny human problems.

The fact that we get to live in these bodies and inhabit these brains and move around on this amazing planet

and perceive it and think thoughts about it is a much, much bigger deal than any of our difficulties.




So, go ahead and "make good trouble"

but don't forget to see and hear and wonder at all the beauty behind your eyes and in your own back yard!





This Blog is mostly from a posting by Caitlin Johnstone on May 12, 2023 and edited and used with her blanket permission to share her work.

I thank her for her bravery and honesty and generosity!

And her husband Tim Foley.

Photos of Morning Glory by Laine!




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